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NetPromotions Now Offers Powerful AI-based Marketing Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved significantly and it is already making a difference in the world of digital presence, WordPress, and marketing. At NetPromotions.Com, we have launched a series of new services to help our clients leverage the benefits of AI and grow their businesses. Rather than waiting for AI to become more commonplace, we know this is the right time for businesses to gain an edge over their competition.

WordPress Marketing Using ChatGPT

There are different ways to facilitate WordPress marketing using ChatGPT. Some of the different ways we can help leverage the power of this AI tool for WP marketing are as follows:

  • Developing a Marketing Campaign: ChatGPT can help write content and marketing emails and make them interesting and engaging for your audience. It can help write emails to remind prospects about an abandoned cart or to introduce a new blog post.
  • SEO: ChatGPT can quickly provide effective SEO recommendations to drive results. It provides a cost-effective alternative by preventing the need to hire a team of consultants. The AI tool can generate keyword lists and even add them to your content for optimization. This helps boost search rankings, drive traffic, and generate more leads from your WordPress website.

WordPress Marketing Using AI

There are different ways to empower WordPress marketing using AI. Dynamic email marketing is just one such example. AI tools can help review your website and your subscriber’s behavior when they spend time on your website. The gathered data is then used to develop personalized and customized email marketing messages.

  • AI tools can also curate content from your website and various RSS feeds to develop automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Predictive analysis and algorithms can help select the right social media platforms and timing for sending messages.
  • AI tools can also help with the creation of blog content in the right form and strategize its delivery at the right time and to the right audience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Created Content

AI is revolutionizing the way content is created. And NetPromotions.Com helps you make the most of artificial intelligence (AI) created content. From social media captions to long-form content, we can help you generate content for different applications.
The use of AI can help save effort on research. The other benefits are as follows:

  • Create quality content within a shorter time span
  • It costs lesser to create quality content
  • It becomes easier to create search-optimized content
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Basic Video Voiceover Marketing

Basic video voiceover marketing is another service we have recently included in our list of services. This service brings authenticity to your videos while also giving them a human touch. There are many more ways you can benefit from these services and gain an edge over your competition.

  • Basic video voiceover marketing helps set the right tone to capture your audience’s attention.
  • It can help bring an element of trust to your brand.
  • A professional voiceover can trigger your audience to take action.
  • A unique voice can help make your message more memorable, further helping your audience to remember your brand.

Using basic video voiceover marketing can also help improve brand credibility. Besides developing and implementing your marketing strategy, we will also help ensure the right voice is picked to resonate with your target audience.
If you want to learn more about our services, feel free to write to us or give us a call at 478-922-8979.


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How Much Does SEO Cost?

When considering any marketing investment, ask yourself these 3 honest questions about your current marketing activity.

  1. How competitive is your industry, just type in the keywords you want to use into google and see how many businesses are already listed.

  2. How long have you been in business. if you're just starting out, the time and investment may be a bit more than if you've been active on the internet for a while.

  3. How much do you spend on your complete internet operations, if you just pay for hosting, you shouldn't be shocked at the investment involved in achieving your goals.

Marketing Packages

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